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Thegeneral corporate services we offerfor investors, companies, directors/supervisors/high officersinclude providing legal serviceson all legal issues raised fromset-up to operation/liquidation of business entities.

General corporate services include the following:
?aLegal consultation on the daily operation of corporate entities
?aProvide legal services on the set-up, change, de-registration and liquidation of business entities
?aReview, draft, revise contracts, agreements andother legal documentations
?aCompliance advisoryonenvironmental protection, taxation, foreign exchange and other related corporate issues for business entities
?aHelp design corporate governance structure
?aHelp design company employee incentive plan and incentive documents
?aAdvisoryon the performance of duties of directors, supervisors andhigh officers
?aAdvisoryon the shareholders?ˉ Rights to Know
?aMediate and settle disputes between shareholders, directors and high officers

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