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With their legal and technical advantages, the lawyers at Hengtai Law Offices have successfully dealt with a number of complicated administrative proceedings and civil proceedings related to intellectual property cases on behalf of clients. The services range from reviewing administrative decisions on granting patents and trademarks, to economic and civil lawsuits regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights (including software), domain names and unfair competition (including infringement upon business secrets).

Intellectual property-related business scope includes:
— Design and development of anti-piracy plans and measures for clients with the assistance of related government
???? agencies and judicial authorities
— Providing legal services for trade mark registration, patent applications, dispute and argument settlement procedures
— Payment of annual fees for trademarks and patents
— Assisting in business decision and risk prevention with respect to intellectual property
— Providing intellectual property plans for domestic companies to register trademark or apply for patent abroad
— Drafting technology transfer contract and get through governmental formalities
— Arranging for intellectual property assessment and licensing
— Safeguarding copyright registration, trade name, domain name and business secrets
— Registering computer software
— Negotiating and mediate intellectual property disputes and initiate actions
— Assisting domestic companies handling matters in relation to investigation, evidence collection, lawsuits and other
???? procedures taken by overseas governments or judicial authorities with respect to intellectual property
— Conducting investigation and take administrative proceedings and actions against unfair competition
— Providing legal consulting services related to intellectual property

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