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Hengtai Law Offices has a number of lawyers adept at commercial lawsuits, arbitration, as well as criminal and civil actions. These lawyers have rich experience and sophisticated skills and are familiar with China’s judicial practices. They can safeguard clients’ interests rapidly and effectively. Our lawyers can, on behalf of domestic and overseas clients from different areas, appear in courts throughout China, apply for property preservation, and investigate the property status of the persons subject to enforcement. They can also assist clients in enforcement procedure.

The firm’s litigation and arbitration lawyers can provide objective and constructive dispute settlement proposals for clients, and participate in hearings on behalf of clients. The firm has contributed to the settlement of many substantial lawsuits and disputes for a large number of well-known enterprises and financial institutions at home and abroad.

The services include:
— Investigating background information and taking property preservation measures
— Participating in domestic civil lawsuits, including claim analysis and strategy study, initiation of actions and appeal, response to lawsuits, defense, counterclaim and reconciliation negotiations
— Participating in arbitration, mediation and other dispute settlement procedures on behalf of clients
— Analyzing and studing strategies for complicated cases
— Providing opinions and suggestions on any commercial decision or strategy that may lead to a lawsuit
— Enforcing, on behalf of domestic and foreign clients, the decision or judgment made by courts at each level and other legal instruments in force
— Evaluating the risk of various criminal cases and liabilities on behalf of domestic and foreign clients

The firm has litigation and arbitration experience in the following areas::
— International trade, L/C, and billing disputes
— Disputes arising from participation in construction, joint construction, property trading, transfer, leasing, mortgage, reconnaissance, design, building, and installation contracts
— Bank loan and guarantee disputes
— Disputes among investors of foreign-investment enterprises and disputes between domestic and foreign investors
— Disputes related to such intellectual property as trademark, patent, domain name and copyright
— Disputes related to product quality liability
— Disputes related to securities offering and trading
— Disputes arising from commercial and trade activities of domestic enterprises
— Labor disputes
— Crimes by taking advantage of duty, and crimes related to taxation and intellectual property
— Other major complex criminal and civil lawsuits

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